Tire Balancing

Tires are a vital part of any vehicle and staying on top of tire balancing can make sure they last as long as possible.

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Tire balancing helps evenly spread wear on your tire by properly adjusting the wheel weight distribution around the vehicle. This process also helps ensure a smoother driving experience overall.  Tire balancing is different from wheel alignment, which deals with the setting the proper angle for wheels in relation to the ground.

Indications tire balancing is needed:

  • Intense vibration in the steering wheel at particular speeds
  • Floorboard vibration when some speeds are reached
  • Cupped wear pattern in tire treads

Our specialist will:

  • Scan tread wear for signs of improper balance
  • Mount wheels on a balancing machine
  • Balance tires to get rid of or considerably reduce vibration

If you are facing a lot of vibration with your car’s handling, let our specialists provide you with skilled tire balancing services. We will precisely balance your tires and have you driving smoothly again. Contact us today to set an appointment.

Why is tire balancing critical?

Tire balancing is considerably important in today’s vehicles, which are being manufactured to be lighter weight. The heavy weight of older models aided in smoothing out the ride by suppressing vibrations before they were felt. Modern tire design is another factor that may lead to balance issues.  Ordinarily, more responsive tires with lower profiles are being used to answer the demand for style and performance. The smallest amount of imbalance can be felt in most modern automobiles.

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